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The Science Behind It

Examining What Drives Productivity

In our previous post, we identified the top 5 signs of not being productive, which you can use to identify what needs to be addressed to improve your performance, whether at work or simply for a side-project that you are working on.

Today's post will be all about the science behind productivity, by identifying a key driving force that motivates it.

The logic is simple: optimising productivity all boils down to fulfilling positive psychology, and in being happy.

Statistically, happiness is key to ensuring productivity. The science is simple. Positive emotions increases creativity and motivation by 3 times, which ultimately encourages one to be more productive by 31%. To achieve a happy and productive mind, one should commit to three simple, but effective practices.

Before you roll your eyes and dismiss our claim as superficial, research has proven with statistics that this is just no fluff. Particularly, in a 2010 study on Happiness at the Work Place, research findings show that a happy employee does indeed motivate engagement, which in turn boosts employee’s quantitative and qualitative performance. At the end of the day, positive emotions is what keeps us connected to what we do, and this extends beyond the work we are obligated to do.

So what do we do with this tidbit insight? It is time to make active changes in your life! Before you start worrying about how to achieve this, attaining happiness is more strategic than you think it is, and we have identified key practices that you can adopt to work towards a happier mind.

Though brief, these key practices are essentials for anyone who wishes to attain happiness, while will in turn drive productivity. In our next installation of articles, we dive deeper into each practice and their effectiveness on positivity and happiness.

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